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The best reason to give is your reason......

Planned Giving

The Residences at Sherburne Commons, Inc. is an established 501(c)3 Non-profit Corporation. This ownership provides a great opportunity for you to donate and show your interest and support for sustaining our Independent Living community and make a lasting impact beyond your lifetime. With even a small donation, each of us have the power to contribute to change and support for the better. 


Contact us today to discuss or discuss giving options with your own financial advisor. Some ways to give are outlined below:

  • Cash Donation: You can make a cash donation at any time! Documentation will be provided for tax purposes.

  • Include RSC in your Will: A bequest to support RSC can be included in your will in various ways. Some considerations would be a set dollar amount, specific property, stocks and securities, real estate, or a stated percentage. Your gift can be modified at any time to address your own changing needs and circumstances. Estate and Financial planners can assist you with the various options. 


  • Gift of Whole Life Insurance: Many individuals opt for whole life insurance policies but may find when the time comes they are no longer needed. Gifts can be made by transferring ownership to RSC of eligible paid in full whole life insruance policies that may not be needed by family or planned beneficiaries. Naming RSC as a beneficiary of such policies is also an option.

  • Gift from a Retirement Account: Assests in a tax-deferred retirement or traditional IRA accounts can be subject to estate tax, inheritance and/or income tax unless the beneficiary is a charitable organization. By naming or designation RSC to your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other qualified plan can allow you to continue to regularly withdraw during your and your spouse's lifetime, retain flexibility to make changes to beneficiaries as your needs change, and based upon tax laws and regulations may make meaningful distributions to reduce your taxable income. Talk to your plan's administrator about options and Qualified Charitable Distributions. 

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